Juniper Networks | SBR Series

The Steel-Belted Radius (SBR Series) product family from Juniper Networks provide a RADIUS/AAA platform facilitating the centralized management and control of user access to the corporate network. The platform is offered in both software and appliance versions, and can manage remote user and device access to the network via multiple access methods, including dial-up, the Internet, VPNs/tunnels, ISPs, and WLAN.

Steel-Belted Radius provides the three pillars of a AAA implementation; Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, via an implementation of the RADIUS protocols; allowing remote and/or WLAN users to be authenticated from one centralized database. All accesses to the network via RADIUS compatible remote access devices are queried against the central AAA server; which verifies the authentication against its central database and returns approval or rejection along with the appropriate authorizations (what connection type or service the user is authorized for) to the device.

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