Juniper Networks | E Series

Juniper E-Series routers provide multiple services including broadband remote access server, broadband video services, dedicated access,802.11 wireless subscriber management, VOIP, internet access, security services, network address translation (NAT) etc on a single platform. The carrier-class architecture of E-series routers allows to combine Broadband Remote Access Server (B-RAS) and dedicated access capabilities (T1/E1 and above) on a single and integrated platform. The E-series routers run on JUNOSe software compared to other series of routers of Juniper which runs on JUNOS.

The Juniper E-series includes six different models that are designed to address the variety of Service Provider requirements. The specific models include the high-capacity E320 BSR and ERX-1440 platforms, the mid-range ERX-1410 platform, compact ERX-710 and ERX-705 platforms, and the highly compact ERX-310. All E-series platforms use a single version of the JUNOSe operating system, and support a full suite of Internet routing protocols, including BGP-4, IS-IS, OSPF, and RIP.

The ERX system uses a modular, carrier-class design with a passive midplane, active front-insert line modules, and high-reliability, rearinsert input/output (I/O) modules. All chassis types use the same line modules and I/O modules. The 7-slot and 14-slot systems support full redundancy and line module hot-swapping to optimize network uptime.

De E series exists of the E120, E320, ERX 310, ERX705, ERX710, ERX1410 and the ERX1440.

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