Juniper Networks | ACX Series

ACX Series Universal Access Routers are an integral component of the Universal Access architecture. The ACX Series allows for rapid deployment of access services, creating a seamless end-to-end service delivery platform. ACX Series supports Junos, extensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 features, IP/MPLS with traffic engineering support, rich network management, fault management, service monitoring and OAM capabilities.

Using proven and widely deployed clocking technology, Universal Access routers ensure the industry’s highest Quality of Experience (QoE) with Synchronous Ethernet and 1588-2008 for optimum capacity usage.

Juniper Networks ACX Series Universal Access Routers cost-effectively address current operator challenges to rapidly deploy new high-bandwidth services. With industry leading performance of up to 60Gbps and support for 10GbE interfaces, the ACX Series is well positioned to address the growing bandwidth needs of service providers. The platforms deliver the necessary scale and performance needed to support multi-generation services.

The ACX Series Access Routers from Juniper Networks exists of the ACX1000,  ACX1100, ACX2000,  ACX2100 and the ACX4000.

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