Infoblox, DNS DHCP & IP Address Management (IPAM)
Infoblox is market leader in DNS Management, DHCP & IP Address Management (IPAM) appliances. The DNS Management software appliance from Infoblox makes sure you have an overview of your IP address range and validate and automate the distribution of your DNS and DHCP data. With Infoblox you choose for an optimal availability of your DNS and DHCP servers and make a simplification in the management of your IP addresses. The Infoblox IP administration tool makes sure you get a flawless administration of your complete IP address range.
The product portfolio van Infoblox is separated into three groups:
DNS/DHCP appliances (o.a. Trinzic, DNS Firewall)
IP Address Management appliances (IPAM)
Netwerk Automation (o.a. NetMRI)
Infradata is proud to be named as an Partner by Infoblox in every product portfolio group named by Infoblox. With the Partner Status for Infoblox, Infradata is capable of providing you with the best possible conditions and serivce on your Infoblox solutions. Through investing in staff with a broad knowledge and experience in IP address management and DNS/DHCP your certain of selecting the right Infoblox Partner with Infradata.
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