Acme Packet

Acme Packet

The leader in Session Border Control (SBC) solutions

Business people and consumers both need truly real-time interactive communication services - voice calling, PBX/Centrex services, presence with instant voice or video calling/conferencing, multimedia collaboration, video conferencing, distance learning, interactive Customer/Supplier Relationship Management (C/SRM), multimedia customer care web sites and more.

The delivery of these real-time interactive communications across IP networks must work end-to-end -- to anyone, anywhere, any time. Consequently, interactive communications must be supported across multiple IP networks - wireline, wireless, cable - while satisfying critical security, service assurance and law enforcement requirements. Acme Packet takes care of this!

Infradata is proud to be an Acme Packet PinnaclePartner. Because of this partnership Infradata is able to give you the best service and conditions on Acme Packet products. By investing in personell with years of experience in the field of Session Border Control and Acme Packet products Infradata is the right party to do business with concerning security solutions.

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